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Mary Morgan Bryan ~ owner and instructor

Mary Morgan was convinced yoga was not for her. Between her work schedule and raising a family, her work-out time was limited, and she preferred her high-impact kick-boxing and circuit training classes. Ironically, it was a kick-boxing instructor who encouraged her to try a yoga class. Surprised at how physically challenging yoga was, the competitor in her went back for more. With every practice, she experienced unexpected feelings of strength and ease while gaining a greater appreciation for both her body and her life. Through yoga, she learned to quiet her mind, let go of fear and expectations, live in the moment, and listen instinctively to her body. Mary Morgan began craving time on her mat; time to breath deeper, to move freer, and to simply be present in the moment.

She completed her first 200 hr RYT certification through emPower School of Yoga out of Nashville, Tennessee, and is currently working toward her Tier I: 300 hour Certified Baptiste Yoga Leader certification. Mary Morgan is a mentor for an Africa Yoga Project yoga teacher. AYP programs offer free classes to over 6,000 students per week, simultaneously building schools and funding education, critical operations, and environmental endeavors in Africa. She also serves on the board for Small World Yoga. SWY is a Nashville-based nonprofit organization that connects yoga instructors and volunteers to those in the community with limited access to yoga. SWY makes yoga accessible to more people so they can share in its mental, physical and emotional benefits.

Mary Morgan’s intention is for the Yoga Space to be a safe and nurturing space to build community and empower others to live an inspired life.

Victoria Bressler ~ instructor

Practicing yoga since 2015 has helped Victoria discover not only the physical benefits of yoga, but more importantly learn more about herself through her practice. Struggling with depression and anxiety, yoga helps Victoria work through these emotions on her mat. She received her 200 hour RYT certification in March 2018. Victoria’s goal as a teacher is to hold space for her students to embrace their story through community, strength, and love.

Hannah Chauvin ~ instructor

Hannah’s yoga journey began when her mother, a devoted yogi, convinced her to take a class. Right away, she felt a greater sense of body awareness and has been hooked ever since. Apart from teaching yoga, Hannah spends her time teaching high intensity fitness classes, training for marathons, and performing stunts on horseback. Hannah completed her 200-hour certification with the Aura Wellness Center. As a part of her training, Hannah expanded her knowledge of anatomy and different forms of meditation and breathing techniques.

Yoga is important to Hannah because of the positive impact it has on her life, causing her to care more about her health and happiness. During a practice she finds it easy to clear her head and focus on what is truly important to her. Hannah thrives on helping people find purpose and strength on and off their mat. Her uplifting spirit and positive attitude will make it easy to leave her classes feeling refreshed and motivated.

Daniella Howard ~ instructor

Daniella grew up in Louisiana competitively riding horses and having a passion for the outdoors. She came to Oxford for college and graduated from Ole Miss in 2012. She loved Oxford so much that she never left. In 2013, Daniella found yoga after the loss of her mother. She tried yoga in hope of finding ways to cope with grief and to find relief from insomnia and stress. She was first attracted to physically demanding, hot classes. Over time, she discovered that yoga was so much more than just exercise. The shift was internal and changed her life.  Her yoga mat became a place of solace. In 2016, Daniella graduated from Southern Star’s 200 hr RYT training.

Daniella is passionate about making yoga accessible for every body and making every mat a safe space. In her classes, she uses movement, breath, and intention to be totally present on one’s mat. She has a fondness for laughter, getting upside down, and arm balances.

Anna Koehler ~ instructor

Anna’s yoga journey came from a place of healing. She found yoga therapy during a time of struggle, when doctors and conventional methods weren’t providing the help she needed to treat her anxiety and depression. Yoga was the only way she could completely calm her mind, while moving the negative energy out of her body. It allowed her to find new perspectives, optimism, and hope. She learned the healing power of the breath she used in yoga, could also get her through her panic attacks. She grew a deep gratitude for the practice, as through her struggle, yoga helped her find her inner strength. She says she now can’t go a day without it!

Anna now feels it is her mission to give back and offer the healing that changed her life. She has a passion for being someone others can lean on, and she hopes to hold space for her students and whatever they bring to their mat. Her goal is to love and encourage students to conquer their darkness so they too, can shine their light.

Kent Magee~ instructor

Kent began practicing yoga in 2008 and immediately connected deeply with the practice.  The challenging physical aspect of the practice was initially what attracted her, but very quickly she began to notice the way the practice was showing up in her life off the mat.  Kent realized that the mind, body, soul connection is a powerful one, and she learned that yoga is very healing for the body and the mind.  Kent completed a 200 hr teacher training at Yoga Landing in Chattanooga, TN in 2013 and began teaching immediately.   She has a passion for using yoga for recovery and is a certified Y12SR leader, a program that combines yoga and the 12 step program for relapse prevention.  She aspires to make her classes nurturing yet challenging and to create an environment for each student to explore and expand within their own body and soul.


Eliza Neely ~ instructor

Eliza first started yoga to get in shape, but quickly realized the emotional and mental clarity she also gained from practicing yoga. She fell in love with the fact that everyone’s practice is unique and strongly believes yoga really can be for everyone. Her goal as a teacher is to hold space for others so that they can connect to their truth and find freedom. 

JoLynn Perry ~ instructor

JoLynn first found yoga in 2000 and loved the extra engergy it gave her for schoolwork. Once she began practicing daily, she appreciated the elevation in her general level of happiness. She completed her 200 hour training in 2014 and enjoys the physical, emotional, and spiritual unification yoga continues to bring her.

Stephanie Stevens ~ instructor

Years of a very active life that included running mile after mile, without proper cross training and fuel, alongside a congenital and fairly significant spinal misalignment, left Stephanie Stevens with compensation injuries that stopped her in her tracks. She had done online yoga classes irregularly but first stepped into a yoga studio in January of 2016. After months of running and yoga, she finally settled into a regular vinyasa practice and found tremendous physical healing, as well as emotional and spiritual growth on her mat. She treasures the connection in Oxford’s yoga community but also has an active home practice, and she explores all kinds of yoga in all kinds of places – finding a studio or special location to practice everywhere she travels. She enjoys power flow, restorative, yin, acro, SUP, and aerial yoga, but her favorite way to practice is simply with others.

Stephanie completed her 200 hour RYT in Spring of 2018 and is slowly working on her 500 hour Master Training through YogaFaith. She loves exploring the mind-body connection and relating it to her faith. Stephanie loves teaching restorative and yin yoga for the opportunity they provide to promote healing. In addition, she enjoys working individually with athletes, gearing a practice specific for their needs. She also sees the benefit of taking yoga off the mat working with students who have special needs as a speech-language pathologist in the local school systems. Stephanie and her family enjoy exploring, especially on hikes, boating, and travel near and far, where she often pursues yoga retreats or private sessions. Follow her new yoga instagram handle @st.squared.


Ginger Whitwell~instructor

After many years of Pilates, barre, and interval training classes, Ginger was initially drawn to power yoga for the workout and sweat it provided.  From the moment she began, she was   committed to getting on her mat daily and soon learned that the physical was only a small part of the yoga equation.  The powerful practice has been a wake up call to feel, heal, and tap in to a source of strength never experienced before.

She completed teacher training in April 2015 and has loved evolving as a teacher as much as evolving as a yogi.  Forever a student, Ginger seeks out new and different teachers to learn from.

Ginger’s classes offer attention to breath and mindful movement.  She encourages her students to seek challenge as well as joy in the process of listening to and moving their bodies.  Through flows created for both strength and openness, she creates space for her students to grow in grace and courage so that they can face whatever next comes their way.

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